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beverly hills ranch reimagined

Carla Ridge, Beverly HillsDSC_0034aDSC_0011aCarla Ridge, Beverly HillsDSC_0104aDSC_0176aDSC_0229aDSC_0256aDSC_0276aDSC_0286aDSC_0281aCarla Ridge, Beverly HillsDSC_0277aDSC_0290aDSC_0304a

Category: architecture. Clients: apexstudios, Darren Cardona, Christopher Gaona Interiors. Photographed in two phases: July 2004 and January 2006. While many attractive but modest homes in Los Angeles are being torn down and replaced with mega-mansions, designers Darren Cardona, Michael Vallen and Christopher Gaona took a more sensitive approach to updating this ranch-style home perched on Carla Ridge in Beverly Hills.