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Erik Hoffland, Architect: Irving Street

_DSC6700b_DSC6712a_DSC6610a_DSC9844a_DSC9881a_DSC9941a_DSC6557a_DSC6600a_DSC6565a_DSC6583aThere's a Broncolor patch growing in the corner of the dining room.Shooting through the green screen wall between the deck and the car park. This is a great shoot.Tossing furniture all over the place in Mount Pleasant today.Sometimes, you just need the slightest pop of additional light to make a shot work.How much gaffers tape do you think goes into a shot like this. Hint: not none.Oh, and a little neutral density filter on the LED lights under the kitchen cabinets does wonders too. #tricksofthetradeI f*cking love these new Zeiss lenses for Nikon digital. Amazing.

Category: architecture. Client: Erik Hoffland, Architect. June 2014. The architect's own home, a tudor-style row house in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of NW Washington DC. Hoffland lived in the home for several years before undertaking a complete renovation in which he aimed for LEED platinum certification. Sold shortly after the photo shoot... to a close relative so the architect could visit his "project" anytime.