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quick turnaround award submission


Category: architecture. Client: DITTO Residential. February 2015. The developer on this project took a big risk by building an unconventional rental building with 3BR and 4BR "roommate" units on a prime parcel in the heart of the historic Shaw neighborhood. Convention would have dictated modern luxury 2BR/2BA condos, which likely would have sold quickly at a premium to high-income urban professionals. Seeing an interesting opportunity, though, DITTO built a very modern interpretation of the DC “group house,” with nine units each featuring large common areas and three or four small bedrooms with private bathrooms in every bedroom. With so many of the larger row houses in the city being converted from group housing to luxury condominiums, these rentals fill a growing gap in affordable housing for the thousands of recent college grads and early-career professionals that move to Washington DC each year. The developer commissioned these photographs as a one-day turnaround "quick visit" for an Urban Land Institute award submission with a tight deadline.