michael k. wilkinson, photographs of architecture &


henninger media services, arlington va.


Category: commercial interior. Primary client: greg(g) horgan architecture. Additional clients: HITT Contracting, Red Team Strategies. May 2015. This is one of my favorite shoots in recent memory. Henninger Media Services, an audio/video production company founded in 1983, had long outgrown its old space and was overdue for a move. The design of the new space was highly technical, with the most unusual soundproofing requirements I've ever seen (including 18-inch thick solid drywall-layered walls and double-soundproof doors in some areas). But it was also wonderfully theatrical, with lighting designs and blacked out ceilings that bear a "dramatic" resemblance (was that a pun? ...sorry) to theatre and movie set design. I've never photographed a commercial space where the design related so wonderfully in such subtle (and not so subtle) ways to the tenant's work and purpose.